5 Awesome Yoga Apps for Android

Yoga is a great practice to add to your daily routine. It can strengthen your body and reduce your stress too. You don’t always need a private yoga instructor to get started though. Here are 5 Android apps that help you get started with yoga:

Pocket Yoga: it has over 145 pose images to show you correct posture and positioning. The descriptions and benefits of each pose are covered too. Users are provided with voice and visual instructions.

Yoga-pedia: offers you close to 100 unique yoga positions. You can search through them to find the ones that apply to your situation. It has images and detailed instructions.

Daily Yoga: these Daily workout applications are quite neat. This one provides you with 60+ poses and 6 predefined routines.

Yoga Workout Planner: a cool yoga app that provides you with animated yoga instructions on your tablet. You can buy plugins for it to enhance it.

Yoga for all: it covers 55 different yoga asanas and pranayamas. You can easily check the ones that you want to try. This is a free app.

What are your favorite yoga apps for Android?

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